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Adriana Lima is one of the most successful Brazilian supermodels according to Forbes is worth around $7M. In the year 2000, She became Victoria's Secret Angel.

There are only a handful of models that are considered "Angel" and she is one of them as not every model on the show is given a contract with the brand.

Adriana Lima Diet Routines:

She is considered to follow an extreme diet during pre-shows and pursues a somewhat called "Athletic Mindset". 

As a Brazilian model she loves to consume Brazilian foods one of them is feijoada.

Her diet is considered to be full of healthy foods, rarely some cheat meals here and there. Her daily diet routine looks like this:


Complex Carbs mixed with 

  • oat meals 
  • Fruits (blueberries)
  • wheat 
  • Gluten-free pancakes 


Balanced protein source with vegetables

  • Meat (Chicken, other)
  • Eggs 
  • Vegetables (Kale, tomato, etc)


Salad with some protein source

  • Green salads
  • kale salad
  • protein ( protein shakes, meat)

Late-Night snack:

  • Buckwheat Milk

She strongly advice young teenage girls to stop depriving their bodies from nutritional foods and eating less as it is not only bad for health but considered an eating disorder.

Disclaimer: a disclaimer you should never copy any celebrity diet and rather make your own diet plan catered to your health and weight goal requirements.


Water intake:

1 gallon of water per day she drinks plenty of liquid to keep her body hydrated. As we know the best beverage to keep our body functioning is "Water".

The problem that arises with so much water consumption is the accumulation of Water Weight. About 75% of our body is made of water and athletes and models they can accumulate about 5 pounds of water weight.

For a model like Adriana Lima, water weight causes issues so by lowering the intake of Sodium  she avoid water retention. 

She keeps her fluid intake and still no worry about water weight issues a win-win situation.


Digestive Problems:

Adriana lima follows strict diet during pre-shows and preparing for modeling. Unlike every other athlete she takes some measure to handle digestive related issues.

Going on a strict diet makes your body's digestive system under stress. Models athletes have their way of coping with such digestive stress.

To cope during a diet Adrina Lima consumes vegetables as well as buckwheat milk during small snack or as a late-night snack. 

Buckwheat milk:

Buckwheat milk is known for excellent complete diet with a protein source having 9 essential amino acids rich for muscles, gut, and heart health.

This milk is a great help for digestion and due to its high fibers reducing constipation and other problems 


A high rich fiber diet helps in coping with digestive issues. Think of it like a tube from one end things go in and come out the other absorbing nutrients during the process.

Going on a diet and eating selective foods can bring stress in the process and reduce the body's ability to absorb essential nutrients.

The best way to cope with this is to eat your vegetables daily or with every other meal 

Adriana Lima consumes a lot of vegetables with major meals in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Her best choice for vegetables are :

  • Kale
  • Spinach 
  • Tomatoes
  • Others

Vegetables combined with protein sources help the model to keep a balanced food and make her body PH neutral helping her to absorb essential nutrients.



Adriana Lima follows intense workouts along with a high-protein diet.To reduce any type of inflammation and keep the bodily function running smooth she balanced her diet with antioxidants.


Antioxidants are an integral part of a balanced rich diet. These not only boost health but are also responsible for good immunity.


Antioxidants lower inflammation and increase metabolic activities which gives energy and keeps your overall health in place.


Antioxidant-rich foods she takes:

  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries
  • Vitamins Supplements 
  • High-fiber Vegetables ( Kale, spinach, etc)
  • Buckwheat milk


These are some basic things added to her diet to keep her antioxidant levels normal.


Buckwheat is a great source of fiber as well as antioxidants. Adriana Lima takes buckwheat milk as a night snack helping her in digestion and bringing other nutritional benefits.


Blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants. Adriana lima eats blueberries as an important part of her diet. She also recommends as a beauty tip to eat blueberries.


High-fiber vegetables: she eats vegetables along with every other meal. Her meals are balanced with vegetables to keep nutritional value at the best.


Herbal teas:

Adriana Lima drinks a lot of herbal teas to cleanse her body of toxins. By getting an intense workout increase the body systems as well high protein diet can affect health.

It is very essential for the body to neutralize by going towards herbal teas. They not only bring an acid-base balance but improves mood, immunity, and reduce stress.

Herbal teas include:

  • Green tea 
  • Chamomile tea
  • Kumquat leaf tea 

The body becomes free from acidity and increase metabolism, helping lose unwanted fat as well improves muscle-building performance.

Maintaining a Diet:

Adriana Lima maintains a good diet throughout the year and during her modeling days.


She admits that she follows an "Athletic mindset" which means focusing on a specific goal like a athlete focuses on the finish line.


Before any modeling, she maintains a strict diet with workout routine and after the show, she comes back to a normal routine.


The question is how she is able to maintain a healthy routine despite such a harsh schedule.


Pre-prepared Meals:


Image taken from yahoo!life

Michelle Ingels and Paulina Indara are two nutritionists of Adriana Lima which prepare meals for her.


There is a myth surrounding her diet ; she consumes mostly liquid and vitamins during modeling but that's not true she does consume solid foods as well.


She takes pre-prepare frozen vacuum-packed meals during travel and training.


This keeps a caloric-required diet enabling her to maintain sufficient nutritional requirements throughout the day.


She avoids sauces and used plain meat and also tries to avoid fried foods.


Fried foods are low nutritious to the body it does make them tastier but less beneficial to overall health.



The biggest benefit of pre-preparing meals is saving time. As you know models like Adriana has busy schedule.


Interviews, traveling and training bring a lot of stress to maintaining a proper diet.


Preparing meals not only saves time but reduces stress. Not worrying to make a meal and to keep-up daily calories helps manage time and train better.




Adriana Lima no doubt is a great model. She trains hard and is a dedicated person when it comes to achieving goals.


With hard work, focus, and determination you can also achieve any weight goal. 


The thing is doing and keep focusing on the goal at front. If you are at a weight which is not desired it's best to start small. Do baby steps and make changes to lifestyle.


Achieving anything requires time and determination. With consistency anything is achievable.


Recapping All:

  • Adriana Lima Diet Routines
  • Quantity of Water intake
  • Coping with Digestive Problem
  • Intake of Antioxidants
  • Usage of Herbal teas
  • Ways to maintain a Diet