Janet Jackson Diet - Lost Weight in 4 Months

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Janet Jackson is an American pop star singer, actress, and songwriter. She is famous along with being Micheal Jackson's sister her fame is on another level. 

No doubt she is a talented singer and a lot of her albums had been breaking box office records. 

Janet Jackson looks in incredible shape and her hard training routine and healthy diet combined have led the 56-year-old singer to be in the best physique ever.


Janet Jackson’s Diet includes:

  • Balanced Proteins 
  • Balanced Carbs
  • Moderate Fats

These three ingredients are building blocks of Janet's amazing diet plan .

Her nutritionist David Allen had revealed some of the diets routines she had been following: 

1000 to 1500 calories with balanced proteins, carbs, and fats.

Her diet includes 4 meals a day with 





Lunch :

Quality proteins ( like chicken , and meat)

Fresh mix veggies



Mix veggies 

Some shrimps



Quality protein ( Salmon, filet mignon) 

Vegetables ( asparagus, grilled vegetables)


Healthy quality proteins includes Chicken, Salmon,  Tuna fish  ,Steak.

Quality carbs includes:    Oats      Healthy fats: Olive oil

Green vegetables were also included in meals to burn fat .

Increasing the intake of vegetables along with high quality proteins tend to burn fat faster and improve overall metabolism.

As she is working towards losing weight and decreasing fat percentage while improving her health she adopted a fiber rich diet.

Healthy vegetables : Spinach , Carrots , Beans Broccoli etc

Cheat meals:

Her approach to cheat meals is not harsh as she keeps everything in moderation and clean. She loves to have sushi with friends but this is also considered a clean cheat.

  • Sushi 
  • Chocolate cake 
  • Other sugary foods


Her trainer sybliss said on cheat meals if you are eating right 90 percent of the time then a sugary food like chocolate, ice cream, or others won't be destroying any of your diet or calorie requirements.

The goal is to keep a clean diet majority and keep a good calorie requirement.

We know that she had been very serious about her clean diet, by investing in a trainer and nutritionist she keeps her end goal weight on target to avoid any setbacks.


Fruits are also been included in Janet's diet plan as she eats 

  • berries
  • peaches
  • Apples 

It helps to detoxify the body and also contains a lot of quality sugar keeping a reasonable amount of energy within the body.

Weight Lose Journey:

She had lost weight within 4 months due to her clean diet and strict weight training and cardio as told in  “Janet Jackson First Interview” USmagzine.


She always had been dedicated to training in the gym. A good diet with good training routines helps her to keep her weight on a perfect level.


Her trainers Tony Martinez and new trainer Paulette Sybliss had enable her to follow a dedicated gym training routine and be ready in a good physique for tours.


Some of Janet Jackson's favorite cheat meals have been sushi She admits that she would eat sushi outdoor with friends but she always had to follow like 90 percent clean diet.


Janet Jackson trainer Paulette Sybliss diet tips:


Janet Jackson trainer Paulette Sybliss in her blog laid out some useful tips to follow a good diet that have been involved in Janet Jackson's diet plan.



The main important point is to follow a realistic approach towards diet. The eating habits should look natural for the body to adapt.


If there are junk foods in the diet then cutting it in half proportions is useful instead of overnight replacing it like full pizza should be consumed in half and then slowly reducing amount can bring you in good low calorie requirements.

This type of realistic approach is involved in Janet Jackson's diet to keep it natural for the body to get used to and produce quality results in the end.


Janet Jackson is a busy person. She had been on a lot of tours and had been doing movies but due to this and other responsibilities, she is still following good healthy routines.


The main point is dedication and determination. She has a strong motivation to look good and to feel good. This has led Janet Jackson towards an amazing transformation physique,


It is always recommended not to follow any celebrity diet plan but rather make your own.


Each person's life is different in terms of work and other responsibilities and also goals weigh requirements. You should follow your own routines with the dedication to see results.


You can use all these success stories as motivation toward your health goals.