Why You Shouldn't Wear Ankle Weight ?


Are they good or bad?

It is like everything good has its demerits. Ankle weights are no exception either. When you use them as required, they will be good for you. For this reason, you have to understand the exercise that is safe with ankle weights. Know how you can use them and when you should avoid them when working out. Before opting for ankle weights, ensure that your knee or ankle is free from injuries.

Can You Run With Ankle Weights 

As mentioned previously, running with ankle weights can be injuries and most physicians discourage their use. They can cause muscular imbalances and affect the gait pattern. In case you find running with loads effective, prefer using weighted vests.

Injuries related to Ankle Weights

·         While using ankle weights, your body tries to compensate for that weight. Additional weights in your ankles may change your walking style and body posture.
·         By using these ankle weights you will be giving more weights on ankle than it can handle. This will affect your hips, knees, and ankles in the long run.
·         Overweight and weak individuals should avoid ankle weights at any cost. Instead, you can adjust your training intervals and different speeds.


Existing Injury or pain
In case you have existing injury or pain in the muscles of your leg, extra weights can worsen your condition. The additional weight and force will mean overworking your joints and muscles. For this reason, you need to stop using ankle weights in case you start feeling aches and pain. Avoid the weights while working out and alternate their usage. Do not make the weights an essential part of your routine body workouts.

Using ankle weights in excess:

Undoubtedly, wearing ankle weights has a lot of benefits. But this does not mean that it is without the dangers. The first thing you should keep in mind whenever planning to use ankle weights is that they are tools. Using any tool in excess or the wrong way can lead to serious issues. To gain the advantages of ankle weights, you have to use them moderately and sparingly.

Joint stress:
Instead of building muscles, you might be causing joint stress if with too much usage of ankle weights. Avoid running or walking with your ankle weights. This can lead to altered gait, and the last thing you may want to experience is muscle imbalances or strain. Overweight individuals can feel the straining in their hips and knees.

Effecting speed:
Another reason you have to avoid ankle weight is that tendons, joints, and muscles need to rest for some time. You might be overloading your joints with consistent addition of weight. You can avoid the ankle weights by increasing your speeds and/or reps. If you are focusing on cardiovascular and aerobics, ankle weights may be less effective compared to when doing uphill-walking or stair-climbing. You can burn more calories with the latter.

May not be long-lasting:
Ankle weights are the easiest and quickest solution for individuals looking to increase the intensity of their normal workout routine. They are versatile, cost-friendly and you can use them in various exercises. You might use them in targeting your main muscle groups. But, you will only benefit if you use them as required. Do it in a moderation and consult in case something is not clear. Start slowly and as you gain experience, you can try varying exercise with them as well as increasing your weights.
Depending on added strength and resistance may not guarantee long-lasting outcomes. If at all you have to use wearable weights, ensure everything is in moderation and mind your safety.


Make performance intense:
Wearable weights are good in calorie burn and strengthening your body during workouts. This is not a hard thing, you only have to wear them and proceed with your usual workout routine. Whether you will be jogging, walking, jumping, or running, you add the weight to make the workout effective. The aim of this is to adjust your gait's mechanics and strain your muscles for a harder performance.

Ankle Weights: What are they?

Most people have been incorporating this workout equipment for years now. If you have ever been in aerobic exercises, you might have heard of wearable weights if not used them. Are you aware that using these additional weights recklessly or incorrectly can be injurious?
Ankle weights are extra weights that you can wear before a workout. The main aim of these weights is to improve your endurance and increase overall strength. Extra weights will force your body to go the extra mile and produces additional force. With this, you will gain more stamina and endurance. You can as well use ankle weights to increase your musculature in your calves, quadriceps, and glutes.

Most individuals claim to have gained a lot using ankle weights in their workouts. With this, we cannot claim that these equipment are entirely bad. Maybe they lie between the bad and the good. How you will use them is what determines the outcome. Try avoiding them if you can. Any contemporary addition may be detrimental in the long run. Overindulgence in ankle weights may give you the opposite results.
You might injure your tendons and muscle with the forced stretches. Seek advice from your doctor and trainer when planning to use wearable weights. In case you notice any unusual pain while using ankle weights, drop them, and identify the reason. Workouts equipment produce a varying result in different people.