what to say to someone struggling to lose weight?


6 things that you can say to a person that will motivate them
For people who are losing weight, saying these things every time you meet them will help to make their day and will prevent them from getting depressed overweight loss problem. 

  1. “You are looking great!!”
  2. “Looks like you are working a lot.”
  3. “Want to meet up or hang sometimes?”
  4. “What’s the secret to your fitness?”
  5. “You are looking too good.”
  6. “Let’s hang out, you pick the place.”

Why people become demotivated in the first place:
Every day there is someone who is looking to lose weight and is starting his or her journey towards health and fitness. There are different reasons for people that motivate them to look into their physique and start to lose weight some want to look good in front of their relatives, friends, partners, spouses, etc and some are losing due to medical conditions. But, as always anyone looking to start something struggles at first.

As a new hobby, it takes time for a person to adapt to a new lifestyle or diet and they don’t see any progress more importantly other people also see no progress and start to demotivate them. This happens quite a lot in young audiences such as teenagers who are bent on losing weight. They try dieting and other methods for a long time; however, they are unable to see see the results of their hard work.

Lacking in patience:
When these people do not see any progress in the mirror they start to become less interested in their health and take their fitness journey less seriously. All weight loss journey takes time. Our bodies adapt to the changes very slowly naturally and this is not as easy as it looks. People have to be consistent for 5 to 6 or more months to see any progress.
In your family, you know someone who is just like this. They have started their journey and then lose interest in their fitness goals.

Some of the ways will be discussed in this post that will enable you to motivate them.


What should you say to a person who is struggling with their weight?

1) Respect the feeling:

You know the person more than anyone so you will be able to make them happy and can be supportive of their feelings. You should not talk about weight issues in front of them in this way they can talk to you without feeling any inferior or a failure. People going to the gym and struggling with weight issues tend to overthink about weight-related comments or discussion So, you should better to divert their mind for a better reason.

2) Focus on other things:

In order to improve weight and fitness one should not only look for weight loss as a sign of change. There are other changes in the body also related to improving health like stamina, breathing, and heart rate. If you see improvements in these areas surely you will see results in the health and physique because change is slow and they will start to appear slow. But focusing on small and other changes can definitely be a motivating factor.

3) Have a supportive nature:

People should have a supportive nature with the people that are struggle while losing weight. They should be ready to assist them at any point in time and they should be careful with what they are dealing with. They must be there for them and should give them regular advice on how they can help to cope with their struggle. The point is that people should always motivate struggling people. This will give them the determination to not giving up at any time. One should support people all the time like a subtle compliment to the person who is struggling will do no bad to the person and the person would be able to get rid of the excess fat in their body easily by not giving up on their exercise or dieting.

4) Achievement celebration

There are many achievements that you can celebrate with the person who is struggling to lose weight. Even if they are losing half-pound or one pound, you should always cheer them up and must tell them that they can go on. This will give them the strength to continue their exercise or diet and this will help them to lose weight. This will give them all the strength they need and they will be able to lose weight eventually. Celebrating weight loss with the person who is struggling to lose weight is the best thing that you can do to keep them motivated and up for dieting or exercising.

5) Be Attentive:

Fitness lover needs attention that's why they started their fitness journey in the first place. If you can be attentive towards their passion and start to give them a little attention they will not only feel appreciated but motivated toward life in general. You can listen to all of their problems and tell them everything that you can think of. Conversing with them will help them to stay motivated all the time.
Talking about their problem keeps the people guilt-free and a guilt-free person will have less trouble when they will lose weight. So, make sure you always listen to the people who are suffering from weight loss problems. No matter what the time is, try to be available for them always.

The most important thing to keep in mind is not be rude with them or force them in diet or exercise. If a person is feeling unmotivated due to any other reason they are struggling in their lives simply listening and understanding their problems or situation can help them. They might feel less interested in fitness and then after a few days or taking time off will bring them back to their routine.

Any new routine will be harder to follow at first and there will be road bumps along the way but the key is to get back to the track as soon as possible.