Stretches to Undo the Damage of Sitting

Exercises and Stretches to Undo Damages of Sitting:


These three exercise will do you wonder and heal you from the damage being done by sitting a lot:

1) Couch Stretch
2) Leg Swings
3) Table Pigeon Pose

If your life and work are based in the tech-service economy, it is no doubt that you spend most of your time sitting. You may find your life revolving around the kitchen table, to your working desk, and the chair in front of your TV. But this is detrimental to your health. Staying in one posture for long might affect how you will position yourself in different activities. For example, spending most of your day sitting may affect your walking style.

Stiff muscles:
You might have experienced moments where you sit for long and when you wake up your butts feel frozen. Or hips tight to a point where you cannot walk before leaning in various angles. Excessive sitting makes your glutes be in an inactive state and legs and hips being tight. Although you might feel okay after 2 to 3 stretches, the effects will be retained and you might have difficulty in sudden situations that will demand running after something.

Lower Performance:
Inactive glutes and tight hips may affect your performance in various physical activities like deadlifting, squatting, and sprinting. Flexible hips and butts can help you perform the best of your ability. Even if you are not in for lifting 500 lbs., you can gain a lot by ensuring active glutes and loose hip flexors.

Makes hip flexible:
The first thing is that you will feel simple plain and good with limber hips. Another thing is that a flexible hip will help you prevent any injuries in your daily activities such as household chores. You will not be experiencing unexplainable pains in your joints if you are physically fit. You will also enjoy an improved posture relieving any cases of neck and back pain. Sitting for long can hamper your physical health. But this is not to mean that you have to quit your occupation for well-being.
With simple exercises, you will lead a healthy lifestyle even if your occupation involves a lot of sitting.

Exercises and Stretches to Undo Damages of Sitting:

1) Couch Stretch:

This is the best exercise to get rid of any damages resulting from longer sitting periods. You cannot tell how to unlimber you are until you try couch stretch exercise. This exercise will help you with immediate results regardless of your years of sitting. This is an intensified quad stretch. You don't necessarily need a couch to perform this exercise. But if you want to do your stretch comfortably, a couch is worth it. Alternatively, you can lie down and ensure that your knees are against the wall. 
To have it easy, you place your knee (that knee of your stretching leg) against your sofa's back. Place the other leg's foot on the ground. Then, lift your torso slowly to a neutral backbone posture. Squeeze your abs and butt while raising your torso. You can hold this posture for about four minutes. Repeat the same exercise with your other leg. You have to feel yourself stretched while not pushing extra hard.

For a more intense exercise, they the leg that is not stretching up to the couch's seat. Ensure a straight and neutral backbone. Squeeze your abs and butts while working the way up and holding for four minutes in this posture. Shortly, you will have your torso in a straight posture. At first, it might seem difficult but with a time of exercise, you will do it with no hurdles. You will start noticing more flexible hips. This exercise is so effective and if you can add it to your daily workout routine, the better.

2) Leg Swings:

This is a dynamic exercise that you can do before your workouts. It helps in loosening up your hips, glutes, and hamstrings. Get something and hold to ensure balance and start with swinging your legs forward. Swing your right leg forwards and backward and as far and high as you can. You can switch the legs after 20 swings. Ensure that you are comfortable with what you are doing to avoid any cases of injuries.
After this, go to the side-to-side swings. Balancing yourself is the real deal. Swing the right leg to the sides and as high as you can manage. Repeat with your left leg after 20 swings. You can go for another set relying on how tight you find the experience. This is a stretch you can do in your home. Doing this regularly, you will start noticing a difference in how you will be feeling about your body posture.

3) Table Pigeon Pose

In case you have ever done yoga, you probably heard about the pigeon pose. It is a similar thing with table pigeon pose only that now you will need a table. This makes the exercise easier allowing you to stretch your muscles from different angles. Place either of your legs on top of the table (or bed) and bend your knees to 90 degrees. To ensure support, place one of your hands on the tabletop and the other on the foot. Lean on a forward posture and hold for about 60 to 90 seconds. After this, lean left and stay for the same length of time. Lean right again and maintain the posture for around 60 to 90 seconds. Repeat the same exercise with your other leg.

Keeping a particular position for long may change your body posture. But you might be in situations that necessitate overindulging in a given posture.

Prevention has always been better than cure.

 If you work online at home or have busy days in the office you can tell this. The best thing is that there is a remedy for everything. You can undo any damages caused by too much sitting with a simple exercise. The best thing about these workouts is that they are easy, you do not need any trainer and you can do them at your home. Follow the above tips and exercise to have a flexible body regardless of your occupation.