What to do when someone tells you you've gained weight?


Someone Tells You You've Gained Weight:

People gain weight in their lives sometimes it is due to health and medical issues or other times it can be due to depression or sadness. People mess up their diet in struggling times and will have a negative effect on their weight. They will start to get rude comments from people which further brings their self-esteem down to a lower level.

Here are somethings you can do about it:

First, be clear:

We should be clear that the weight we have gained is bad or good, is it harmful, a bad sign, or a good sign? Answering this question can clear up a lot of things and we can ease up our mind that should we be conscious about our weight or not. 


The first you can do is track your weight and calculate your BMI. This can tell a rough estimate that how much on the scale you are overweight or not, measuring is the key. If you measure your height and weight it will tell you whether you need to lose weight or not or should be thinking about your weight at all. 

 If by chance it will show a slight overweight BMI or overweight you should not worry there is a lot of weight loss programs and diet plans that you can follow and this can help you to start towards a positive attitude and dealing with the situation in a more mature and logical way instead of anxiety.

Dealing with the moment:

Sometimes the situation of overweight can get you in some embarrassing moments. There can be moments when someone close to you will tell you how fat you have become or how much weight you have gained. These are some forms in which people give you hints that you are growing weight and you need to control it. There are many types of people who will tell you how much you have gained weight. 
Some will only make these comments to tease you while other care for you and so they tell you about weight gain in your body. The reason why they tell you that you are getting overweight because it can have great consequences in the long run.

Things that you must do when someone makes you aware of your weight:

People tend to speak their thoughts. Often in gathering they talk about each other health and weight. If you are overweight and don’t know what to do in this situation first thing is to stop feeling bad about yourself just center yourself at the moment and think that you are not the only person in the world that has weight issues there are a lot of people which feel bad about their health. 

Don’t make it personal:

People tell you about your growing weight because they care for you in one way or another and they wish to tell you that you should stop getting overweight. Don’t take people's comments personally and start to think about things you can do to control your weight. Instead of negative thoughts start to think of a diet plan that can make your health improve and can feel good about yourself in the long run.

Controlling your actions:

Control your diet and make sure that you are not overeating or consume high caloric foods that will make you gain excess weight. Eating oil food or junk food in the case of overweight will cause more weight in the body and this can be harmful to you. Hence the first thing is to control your diet. Then there are many ways in which you can cut off the excess weight. We have mentioned some below:

Cope with your growing weight and get rid of the excess weight:

Coping up with your weight is very important if you wish to stay safe. There are several ways in which you can do this and we have mentioned some below.

Caloric deficit by Dieting:

The most commonly followed way of reducing weight. By keeping a track of the food that you have eaten and eating less than required, the person causes the body to burn the stored fat. Keeping your body in a state of caloric deficit in which you burn calories more than you consume and keep that in track will certainly bring your weight to a reasonable level.

Physical exercise:

BY exercising, the body will require more energy. The excess energy will be supplied by the burning of the fat and this will help the person to lose the fat. This will cause the person to get slim and become healthy.



Yoga is another way which is becoming popular day by day. It involves various asanas or position. The person enacts these asanas or positions and this helps them to lose weight.

You deserve to be healthy:
There are many reasons why overweight is bad and why you should not let too much fat get deposited in your body. It has all types of effects and it can cause various problems. The level of the problem can range from harmless to life-threatening. Let us have a look at the disadvantages of weight gain in the body.

 Weight gain is caused when the body stores excess fat. Fat is a latent source of energy and so the body stores it if it feels the need to get energy.
This is when you start getting fat or you become overweight. The fat in the body gets deposited in various places. It can be stored in the stomach area, chest area, hips area, thighs area, or shoulder area. This can make your appearance dull and this is the main reason why you are getting all those bad compliments.


You can start a diet routine and follow a a simple plan that can bring your weight to a good level always remember that weare not celebrities that have all those perfect bodies that they present on screen majority of people in the world are overweight or slight overweight this is a normal process that can be solved by choosing a weight loss plan and