How to Make Mulberry Leaf Tea?


how to make an effective tea from fresh mulberry leaves? there is no need to worry. You can make mulberry tea and it involves a few simple steps.

Steps to Make Mulberry Leaf Tea?

  1. The first thing you need is disease-free and mature mulberry leaves. In case you are harvesting them, only focus on the healthy and mature leaves.
  2. After this, clean and rinse the leaves using clean running water to get rid of any impurities of dirty.
  3. Then, get the number of leaves you ill need and cut them evenly. 3cm wide can be enough.
  4. After this, boil a given amount of water in your pan and immerse the mulberry leaves. Give them five minutes to simmer.
  5. You will notice the color of water turning to light green. The leaves will take a brown color. Your tea is ready now. You can filter to remove the leaves and take your cup. 

How Much Mulberry Tea Can You Drink
Although mulberry tea has various health benefits, you do not have to take it in excess. 2 – 6 cups per day can be enough in your health habit routine. You can start with about 2 cups per day and gradually increase your consumption. Within two weeks you can start taking 6 cups of mulberry leaf tea. For general health purposes, taking 10 grams of white mulberry tea will be enough. When dealing with conditions related to blood sugar, you may take up to 16 grams. The amount of mulberry tea to take may vary from person to person. For this reason, start slow and adjust slowly while observing your body's reaction. The best thing hear is taking advice from your practitioner when drinking mulberry tea for therapeutic reasons.


Mostly Found locations of mulberry tress:
The mulberry tree grows in some Asian countries like Thailand, China, and Korea. You can enjoy several health benefits from this plan. People in the ancient Chinese have been using its leaves as a medicine for treating various health problems.
 In this modern world, researches have devoted time to ascertain the benefits of mulberry leaves as concerned with health. The research carried out concluded that drinking tea from fresh mulberry leaves is vital to health and wellness.

Antioxidants properties:
Mulberry leaves contain a significant quantity of antioxidants including ascorbic acid and beta-carotene. Failure to inhibit them can lead to extensive damage to the cells. These leaves can help you with the potential of eliminating various serious health concerns including cancer.

Blood sugar levels:
Taking mulberry leaf tea also helps in healing type 2 diabetes resulted in extreme levels of blood sugar. The leaves of the mulberry tree have high garlic acid concentration. This acid lowers the level of glucose content in your blood. Moreover, there is a natural compound known as I-deoxnojimycine which contains anti-diabetic properties as well.

Inflammation conditions:
Do you have any inflammation conditions? Mulberry tea has got you covered. The leaves from this tree guarantee promising results with its anti-inflammatory characteristics. From long ago, individuals have cured their chronic ailments related to inflammation using this leaf. It performs the healing by acting as an inhibitor preventing the buildup of inflammatory agents. You can use a mulberry tree in dealing with uncountable ailments. You will no longer have to worry about cholesterol levels in your bloodstream. With all this, you cannot deny the fact that mulberry tea is the number one beverage in promoting health.

The difference between making your tea 
and purchasing from the market:


The debate between loose leaves and those from the market (tea bag) is a hot one. This because each has its pros and cons. However, making your tea has more advantages compared to buying from the market.
The first thing is that by making your tea at home you can enjoy the unique and real tea experience. Although many manufacturers claim that their packed tea is original, some contain some fillers aimed for preservation. Although the added content might not be harmful, they deny the original taste of tea. Here are some of the differences you can get from making your tea and not purchasing from the supermarkets.

Enjoy the quality
Home tea has more quality compared to the one you buy. Maybe you love the ease of using tea bags since it means quicker cup in the morning. However, you might not be getting the required tea quality. Producing tea bags means chopping the tea leaves into smaller particles. With this, the tea comes into contact with oxygen and moisture affecting its quality. A whole tea leaf has natural compounds like polyphenols and antioxidants and other essential oils. This is what gives your tea the amazing taste and flavor. Breaking the leaves makes these compounds evaporate leaving you with a tasteless drink.

Real health advantages
Making your tea leaves means taking the entire content. These are powerful antioxidants and other nutrients that are essential for your health. As we agreed earlier, there is a lot you gain from taking tea. You will not be concerned with conditions such as blood sugar levels. Tea from the market may have some impurities such as dust and fanning. These affect the quality of the tea and you will not get the expected health benefits. Keep in mind that a larger leafy surface means many nutrients. You will get health-boosting chemicals from making your tea.

Enjoy the true nature-based diet
If you are interested in enjoying your natural diet, you will have to start making your tea leaves and forget those from the market. Processed tea loses the natural characteristics and aroma. If you can open a tea bag, you might be surprised to find some debris that seems not to be related to tea. With this, you will not enjoy the original benefits of tea leaves.

Mulberry leaf tea has several benefits in leading healthy habits. From its anti-inflammatory nature and regulating blood sugar, there is a need to try it. Making your mulberry cup of tea is simple and will take you a few minutes. Enjoy the original flavors and taste by making your mulberry tea at home.