Health Benefits of Wearing Jade Bangle


People wear jade bangles because of their healing properties both mentally and physically. There are three areas in which it has help people to heal and has health benefits by making the right intentions and focusing on positive aspects.

1) Spiritual
2) Physical
3) Emotional

People have been wearing gemstone jewelry for centuries. From fashion models to musicians, individuals have been and are still using jewelry to add style in the fashions. But apart from beauty, is there any benefits you can get by wearing pieces of jade bangles.
The first thing you need to know is that healing is the real reason behind wearing jade bangles. Most people go for jade jewelry due to its wonderful healing properties.
Are you wondering how can one heal using a piece of jewelry? That is what you are going to discover in this article. Jade is all about gathering peaceful wisdom and discouraging any negativity of sorts in your life. It is all about finding your inner peace regardless of the situations you face in your day to day life.

Three areas of jade bangle Healing

Spiritual Healing:


Jade’s bangle has some healing and spiritual abilities that is effected by bringing harmony in your life through your emotional state in your family , working environment and day to day activities.
Spiritual teachers consider this an essential path towards enlightenment. Whenever you find someone talking about getting conscious, you must hear the word harmony and be happy at the moment.
You can promote material abundance in your life using jade bangle as well as achieving a peaceful and relaxed way of facing life. This jewelry is also related to being noble. Now, can you tell the difference between the jewelry your musician wear and jade bangle? People wearing jade bangles are only in for good intentions setting them free from harmful and deceitful circumstances in the spiritual realm.

Using these bangles is a way of promoting magic with not bad intents.

Lavender Jade For instance, has nourishing properties and is preferred for spiritual treatment.
Green jade has healing properties involved with recognizing the divine abundance that flows in your life. Here it is all about being alert and recognizing abundance wherever you go as you assume a repose state. It is all about sharing love with anyone you meet, family, and nature in general.
The green jade gemstone will influence you to enjoy nature and smell flowers in your surroundings. This is what spiritualism is all about. No chaos with anyone but peace.
For this reason, you will have to act as you anticipate to act when you receive what you desire. Any convenience that you might be having now will mean a greater thing is in store for you.

Physical Healing:


Jade jewelry also helps in the physical healing of your body.
Different types:
Jadeite's meaning is a bit different compared to the common one nephrite jade. Finding jadeite is rare and when you find them are too expensive compared to the other types. Jadeite's meaning revolves around health, love, and longevity. Meditating, wearing, or holding jadeite will improve your health issues related to accidents or illness.
 Healthy long life:
Jade bangles will help you live longer. When you wear jadeite, you set your heart free to love. It is a symbol that you are in love with nature and expecting nature to pay you with the same. Whenever you find someone with jadeite bangles, they are at peace and in love. The physical reality of things does not disturb such type of people.
Jadestone is use  in heal your renal system. It will help your body in getting rid of stones in the spleen and kidneys after which you will recover. You can treat bladder and kidney infections such as cystitis using jade. This can be the perfect reason as to why Mesoamericans called jade 'spleen-stone'. All because of its ability to heal spleen related issues.
Rebuilding tissue ability:
According to the renewal meaning of jade, it can help in healing and rebuilding your body tissues and skeletal system. You may use jade to better-manage and reduce pain-related with healing processes. You can use imperial jade to correct damages from illness or injury. For instance, you can use it after plastic surgery or any reconstructive surgery to get your normal shape back.

Emotional healing:


You can benefit from the jade's healing properties in your emotional healing.
Irritable feelings:
With its soothing energy, you can use jade to eliminate irritability and at the same time do away with negativity, which goes hand in hand with jade meaning. Have you noticed that the more irritable you are concerning the situation the more you tend to experience that particular situation in your life? Jade helps you avoid negativity and see the good in every situation.
 True enough, any adverse situation has its seed of equal value. When you are irritable and holding to negativity, you will notice the good in that circumstance disturbing you.
Connection of mind and body:
Jade helps connecting your mind and body to stabilize your personality. With this, you will experience a flow of ideas that will make you simplify any situation and make hard conditions fall on their own. Using jade will make your dreams more vivid and product. You will be able to have a sharp focus, and as they agreed, what you will focus on will expand. If you focus on the good for instance, you will always be meeting good circumstances.
Eliminating limiting beliefs:
With the healing properties of jade, you will find yourself reducing any limitations that you have imposed. True enough, limitations are self-imposed. This will enhance your ability to follow your desires, ideas, and ambition to make them real. Jade will boost your confidence and encourage self-sufficiency.

Real vs fake Jade:

Jade gemstone has various health benefits. From its healing properties, you can enjoy both spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. They signify being at peace with everything on your way and avoiding negativity at any cost. You can try the different types of jade stones and enjoy a higher conscious life.

Stretches to Undo the Damage of Sitting

Exercises and Stretches to Undo Damages of Sitting:


These three exercise will do you wonder and heal you from the damage being done by sitting a lot:

1) Couch Stretch
2) Leg Swings
3) Table Pigeon Pose

If your life and work are based in the tech-service economy, it is no doubt that you spend most of your time sitting. You may find your life revolving around the kitchen table, to your working desk, and the chair in front of your TV. But this is detrimental to your health. Staying in one posture for long might affect how you will position yourself in different activities. For example, spending most of your day sitting may affect your walking style.

Stiff muscles:
You might have experienced moments where you sit for long and when you wake up your butts feel frozen. Or hips tight to a point where you cannot walk before leaning in various angles. Excessive sitting makes your glutes be in an inactive state and legs and hips being tight. Although you might feel okay after 2 to 3 stretches, the effects will be retained and you might have difficulty in sudden situations that will demand running after something.

Lower Performance:
Inactive glutes and tight hips may affect your performance in various physical activities like deadlifting, squatting, and sprinting. Flexible hips and butts can help you perform the best of your ability. Even if you are not in for lifting 500 lbs., you can gain a lot by ensuring active glutes and loose hip flexors.

Makes hip flexible:
The first thing is that you will feel simple plain and good with limber hips. Another thing is that a flexible hip will help you prevent any injuries in your daily activities such as household chores. You will not be experiencing unexplainable pains in your joints if you are physically fit. You will also enjoy an improved posture relieving any cases of neck and back pain. Sitting for long can hamper your physical health. But this is not to mean that you have to quit your occupation for well-being.
With simple exercises, you will lead a healthy lifestyle even if your occupation involves a lot of sitting.

Exercises and Stretches to Undo Damages of Sitting:

1) Couch Stretch:

This is the best exercise to get rid of any damages resulting from longer sitting periods. You cannot tell how to unlimber you are until you try couch stretch exercise. This exercise will help you with immediate results regardless of your years of sitting. This is an intensified quad stretch. You don't necessarily need a couch to perform this exercise. But if you want to do your stretch comfortably, a couch is worth it. Alternatively, you can lie down and ensure that your knees are against the wall. 
To have it easy, you place your knee (that knee of your stretching leg) against your sofa's back. Place the other leg's foot on the ground. Then, lift your torso slowly to a neutral backbone posture. Squeeze your abs and butt while raising your torso. You can hold this posture for about four minutes. Repeat the same exercise with your other leg. You have to feel yourself stretched while not pushing extra hard.

For a more intense exercise, they the leg that is not stretching up to the couch's seat. Ensure a straight and neutral backbone. Squeeze your abs and butts while working the way up and holding for four minutes in this posture. Shortly, you will have your torso in a straight posture. At first, it might seem difficult but with a time of exercise, you will do it with no hurdles. You will start noticing more flexible hips. This exercise is so effective and if you can add it to your daily workout routine, the better.

2) Leg Swings:

This is a dynamic exercise that you can do before your workouts. It helps in loosening up your hips, glutes, and hamstrings. Get something and hold to ensure balance and start with swinging your legs forward. Swing your right leg forwards and backward and as far and high as you can. You can switch the legs after 20 swings. Ensure that you are comfortable with what you are doing to avoid any cases of injuries.
After this, go to the side-to-side swings. Balancing yourself is the real deal. Swing the right leg to the sides and as high as you can manage. Repeat with your left leg after 20 swings. You can go for another set relying on how tight you find the experience. This is a stretch you can do in your home. Doing this regularly, you will start noticing a difference in how you will be feeling about your body posture.

3) Table Pigeon Pose

In case you have ever done yoga, you probably heard about the pigeon pose. It is a similar thing with table pigeon pose only that now you will need a table. This makes the exercise easier allowing you to stretch your muscles from different angles. Place either of your legs on top of the table (or bed) and bend your knees to 90 degrees. To ensure support, place one of your hands on the tabletop and the other on the foot. Lean on a forward posture and hold for about 60 to 90 seconds. After this, lean left and stay for the same length of time. Lean right again and maintain the posture for around 60 to 90 seconds. Repeat the same exercise with your other leg.

Keeping a particular position for long may change your body posture. But you might be in situations that necessitate overindulging in a given posture.

Prevention has always been better than cure.

 If you work online at home or have busy days in the office you can tell this. The best thing is that there is a remedy for everything. You can undo any damages caused by too much sitting with a simple exercise. The best thing about these workouts is that they are easy, you do not need any trainer and you can do them at your home. Follow the above tips and exercise to have a flexible body regardless of your occupation.

Can You Make Tea from Kumquat Leaves ?

Make Tea from Kumquat Leaves:


Kumquats can be found in markets all across the world and are a favorite tangy treat. However, many people looking to get more use out of the fruit may ask: can I use kumquat leaves to make tea?

Here's The answer:

Technically, kumquat leaves can be made into a tea, though it is not done very often. They contain limonene, which is most commonly found in the peels of citrus fruits and may be useful for treating an upset stomach. However, in larger doses, it may be a source of digestive issues itself.

Steps in Making Kumquat Leaf Tea:

If you decide that you want to give kumquat leaf tea a try, then here’s a basic guide:

1.    First, source fresh kumquat leaves. Your best place to look for these is smaller Asian grocery stores or farmer’s markets, if kumquats are grown in your area.
2.  Wash the leaves thoroughly to remove any potential pesticides or dirt.
3.   Next, chop the leaves into small pieces. You can even dice them if you have a tea strainer that’s fine enough to catch the pulp.
4.   Steep the kumquat leaves for about 5 minutes or so. This is mostly about taste—if you want stronger tea, steep longer.
5  Strain the leaves and enjoy!

Just keep in mind that this may not even be possible depending on your location. As we said, kumquat leaves are not commonly used, so you may not be able to find them.But in this article we have discussed some ways that you can find Kumquat leaves for tea So, keep reading.

As with any new tea, it’s very wise to drink a few sips and wait an hour to make sure it isn’t going to upset your stomach or cause any other unwanted side effects. Just because they aren’t poisonous doesn’t mean your body won’t throw a fit if it doesn’t like them!


Are Kumquat Leaves Edible?

Technically, they are in small quantities as they are non-toxic, with the actual fruit being edible it stands to reason that the leaves must be edibles as well. . However, just because they are edible does not mean they can’t negatively impact your health if taken inappropriately or in large quantity.

What small amount of research has been done on kumquat leaves, it appears that they are not poisonous to humans, nor animals. However, they haven’t been declared harmless—an important distinction. 

Quantity of Kumquat leaves Recommended:

Kumquat leaves can be made into tea, but it is only recommended to do so in small quantities and not to consume large amounts of the tea. They are not poisonous and will not kill you or cause serious harm, but consuming too much of them (or their tea) could cause stomach aches and other digestive distress.

Kumquat Tea as a Remedy:


Ironically, despite causing stomach aches in large amounts, in small amounts kumquat leaf tea may actually prove useful as a remedy for such things.

Limonene, a compound found commonly in citrus peels, has been used as a treatment for stomach aches and cramps. Since kumquat leaves also contain limonene, a few people have reported success in using kumquat leaf tea for treating those common maladies.

Because of this, it would be wise to consume it only in small amounts and as a remedy, not an everyday drink.

Are There Other Ways to Make Kumquat Tea?

Nevertheless, it is still possible to enjoy the taste of kumquats in the form of a tea. Rather than use the leaves, several Asian countries use the entire fruit to make the tea. This technique allows for both the sweetness and the tanginess of the fruit to get infused and create a sweet concoction.

The tanginess of the fruit is a result of the citrus oil found in the rind (which is also found in the leaves). Using Kumquat fruit to make tea is a much tastier option if you’re looking to enjoy it often.

Here’s a basic recipe for using Kumquat fruit as tea:

  • Buy Kumquats!
  • Wash kumquats thoroughly (do not peel).
  • Slice Kumquats into halves.
  • Using your hand, squeeze the juice of each of the halves into a pot and add the fruit in as well.
  • Pour hot water over the fruit and juice, cover and steep for a few minutes (approximately 4-5 minutes).
  • Serve hot with added sugar or honey to taste or let cool and serve with ice, and choice of sweetener. 


Where to Get Kumquat Leaves?

We briefly talked about how to get your hands on kumquat leaves, but let’s take a deeper dive and explore your options.

Here's how you get kumquat leaves:

The first step would just be to check local smaller markets, especially Asian food markets. Kumquat leaves are not commercialized and grown for sale; you won’t just be waltzing up to the register with a bunch.

Instead, just go to where the kumquats are and poke around. Depending on the market, there may be some kumquat leaves littered between the kumquats. This is definitely a rare find, but it is possible.

If you can’t find any there, you may be out of luck. That is, unless you live in an area where kumquats are grown.

Ask to Order:

If you can find kumquats at a local farmer’s market, you may be able to ask your farmer to bring leaves for you to add to your order. However, there is no guarantee that they would agree. Since Kumquat leaves haven’t been commercialized yet, it can be hard to get your hands on the leaves—unless you have your own tree!

Growing Your Own Kumquat Tree for Fruit and Leaves:

Even though this may seem far fetched, kumquat trees are actually very low maintenance. These trees love direct sunlight and grow in any soil, no matter the pH levels, as long as the soil is well-drained. Although kumquat trees can reach up to fifteen feet in height, when placed in a pot, they will most likely only grow up to reach 8 ft.


Great for a garden:

They can make a great addition to any front yard or backyard, not only will you have a beautiful plant to admire, but you will have fresh supply of kumquats for more than half the year. You can also use the leaves to make the herbal remedy tea we described above.

Kumquat trees are one of the most beginner- friendly plants out there, as they:

  • Are drought-friendly and require no additional water
  • Are also resilient most pests and disease
  • Require very little additional work once they have been planted

If you really love kumquats and plan to use their leaves in tea, planting one of your own is the best way to ensure a steady supply.

Alternatives to Kumquat Leaf Tea:

Realistically, you may be out of luck when trying to find kumquat leaves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy something very similar.

Kumquat is a citrus fruit, so your first place to turn when replacing kumquat leaf tea should be lemons, oranges, and limes. You can make tea from the leaves of all three plants quite well, and they are much easier to source locally.

Herbal Remedy Teas to Replace Kumquat Tea:

If you’re interested in the potential for kumquat leaves to help with belly aches, then you are also in luck because those same citrus leaves mentioned above also contain limonene (which is the compound we think is responsible or those healing effects).

Additionally, here are some more commonly available herbal teas that help with digestive issues:

Ginger Tea: 

Ginger is a well-known powerhouse when it comes to helping with stomachaches and can be found in every grocery store

Peppermint Tea: 

Another very common remedy for belly aches

Chamomile Tea: 

Chamomile has more of a soothing and relaxing effect on the stomach, which is useful for situations where you just need to calm your gut down (and not necessarily give it something as strong as ginger or peppermint).

Different benefits of Kumquat tea:

Strong bones  

With their substantial content of calcium, consuming kumquats will help in strengthening your bones. Taking foods rich in calcium means increased calcium levels in your body. This will give you strong and healthy bones. In case you have any bone fracture, including kumquats in your diet may help to quicken your healing process.

Digestive health

You may not experience any digestive issues if your consuming kumquats in your health routine. Is eating these amazing fruits a hard thing to do? With the health benefits guaranteed, it is something worth your time. These fibers will help in keeping your gastrointestinal track in good condition, regulating your digestive health.

Skin Health

Kumquats have considerable amounts of vitamins and antioxidants. With this, you can use then in protecting your skin from the sun's cancerous effects. They will make your skin tolerant to harsh rays from the sun. Kumquats can also treat negative free radicals' results that may lead to age spots, wrinkles, unhealthy and rough skin. Similar to other citrus plants, you can consume kumquats for a good feel and appearance of your skin.

Immune System

Kumquats have vitamin C making them essential in your immune system. This vitamin is essential in various body processes. It helps in the production of new cells and boosting your immune system. Your body will be safe from infections and any other unpleasant conditions.

Teeth and Hair

Thinking about how citrus fruits relate to hair can be difficult for some individuals. Antioxidants, Vitamin C, minerals, and other compounds in kumquats play a role in the oiliness, strength, texture, and quality of your hair. This is the same case with your teeth. With the vitamin, potassium, and calcium present in kumquats, having powerful and strong teeth is a no debate. 

Kumquat Leaf Tea: Possible, but not Practical

As you can see, while kumquat leaves can be safely consumed in a tea in small amounts, they can be very difficult to source. If you can’t find them at a local market, and don’t want to grow them yourself, then you are likely out of luck.

However, we also covered other ways to both use kumquat fruit and also other remedies for stomachache which are commonly found on store shelves.

Still, if you really want kumquat leaf tea, then brew away!

Why You Shouldn't Wear Ankle Weight ?


Are they good or bad?

It is like everything good has its demerits. Ankle weights are no exception either. When you use them as required, they will be good for you. For this reason, you have to understand the exercise that is safe with ankle weights. Know how you can use them and when you should avoid them when working out. Before opting for ankle weights, ensure that your knee or ankle is free from injuries.

Can You Run With Ankle Weights 

As mentioned previously, running with ankle weights can be injuries and most physicians discourage their use. They can cause muscular imbalances and affect the gait pattern. In case you find running with loads effective, prefer using weighted vests.

Injuries related to Ankle Weights

·         While using ankle weights, your body tries to compensate for that weight. Additional weights in your ankles may change your walking style and body posture.
·         By using these ankle weights you will be giving more weights on ankle than it can handle. This will affect your hips, knees, and ankles in the long run.
·         Overweight and weak individuals should avoid ankle weights at any cost. Instead, you can adjust your training intervals and different speeds.


Existing Injury or pain
In case you have existing injury or pain in the muscles of your leg, extra weights can worsen your condition. The additional weight and force will mean overworking your joints and muscles. For this reason, you need to stop using ankle weights in case you start feeling aches and pain. Avoid the weights while working out and alternate their usage. Do not make the weights an essential part of your routine body workouts.

Using ankle weights in excess:

Undoubtedly, wearing ankle weights has a lot of benefits. But this does not mean that it is without the dangers. The first thing you should keep in mind whenever planning to use ankle weights is that they are tools. Using any tool in excess or the wrong way can lead to serious issues. To gain the advantages of ankle weights, you have to use them moderately and sparingly.

Joint stress:
Instead of building muscles, you might be causing joint stress if with too much usage of ankle weights. Avoid running or walking with your ankle weights. This can lead to altered gait, and the last thing you may want to experience is muscle imbalances or strain. Overweight individuals can feel the straining in their hips and knees.

Effecting speed:
Another reason you have to avoid ankle weight is that tendons, joints, and muscles need to rest for some time. You might be overloading your joints with consistent addition of weight. You can avoid the ankle weights by increasing your speeds and/or reps. If you are focusing on cardiovascular and aerobics, ankle weights may be less effective compared to when doing uphill-walking or stair-climbing. You can burn more calories with the latter.

May not be long-lasting:
Ankle weights are the easiest and quickest solution for individuals looking to increase the intensity of their normal workout routine. They are versatile, cost-friendly and you can use them in various exercises. You might use them in targeting your main muscle groups. But, you will only benefit if you use them as required. Do it in a moderation and consult in case something is not clear. Start slowly and as you gain experience, you can try varying exercise with them as well as increasing your weights.
Depending on added strength and resistance may not guarantee long-lasting outcomes. If at all you have to use wearable weights, ensure everything is in moderation and mind your safety.


Make performance intense:
Wearable weights are good in calorie burn and strengthening your body during workouts. This is not a hard thing, you only have to wear them and proceed with your usual workout routine. Whether you will be jogging, walking, jumping, or running, you add the weight to make the workout effective. The aim of this is to adjust your gait's mechanics and strain your muscles for a harder performance.

Ankle Weights: What are they?

Most people have been incorporating this workout equipment for years now. If you have ever been in aerobic exercises, you might have heard of wearable weights if not used them. Are you aware that using these additional weights recklessly or incorrectly can be injurious?
Ankle weights are extra weights that you can wear before a workout. The main aim of these weights is to improve your endurance and increase overall strength. Extra weights will force your body to go the extra mile and produces additional force. With this, you will gain more stamina and endurance. You can as well use ankle weights to increase your musculature in your calves, quadriceps, and glutes.

Most individuals claim to have gained a lot using ankle weights in their workouts. With this, we cannot claim that these equipment are entirely bad. Maybe they lie between the bad and the good. How you will use them is what determines the outcome. Try avoiding them if you can. Any contemporary addition may be detrimental in the long run. Overindulgence in ankle weights may give you the opposite results.
You might injure your tendons and muscle with the forced stretches. Seek advice from your doctor and trainer when planning to use wearable weights. In case you notice any unusual pain while using ankle weights, drop them, and identify the reason. Workouts equipment produce a varying result in different people.

What to do when someone tells you you've gained weight?


Someone Tells You You've Gained Weight:

People gain weight in their lives sometimes it is due to health and medical issues or other times it can be due to depression or sadness. People mess up their diet in struggling times and will have a negative effect on their weight. They will start to get rude comments from people which further brings their self-esteem down to a lower level.

Here are somethings you can do about it:

First, be clear:

We should be clear that the weight we have gained is bad or good, is it harmful, a bad sign, or a good sign? Answering this question can clear up a lot of things and we can ease up our mind that should we be conscious about our weight or not. 


The first you can do is track your weight and calculate your BMI. This can tell a rough estimate that how much on the scale you are overweight or not, measuring is the key. If you measure your height and weight it will tell you whether you need to lose weight or not or should be thinking about your weight at all. 

 If by chance it will show a slight overweight BMI or overweight you should not worry there is a lot of weight loss programs and diet plans that you can follow and this can help you to start towards a positive attitude and dealing with the situation in a more mature and logical way instead of anxiety.

Dealing with the moment:

Sometimes the situation of overweight can get you in some embarrassing moments. There can be moments when someone close to you will tell you how fat you have become or how much weight you have gained. These are some forms in which people give you hints that you are growing weight and you need to control it. There are many types of people who will tell you how much you have gained weight. 
Some will only make these comments to tease you while other care for you and so they tell you about weight gain in your body. The reason why they tell you that you are getting overweight because it can have great consequences in the long run.

Things that you must do when someone makes you aware of your weight:

People tend to speak their thoughts. Often in gathering they talk about each other health and weight. If you are overweight and don’t know what to do in this situation first thing is to stop feeling bad about yourself just center yourself at the moment and think that you are not the only person in the world that has weight issues there are a lot of people which feel bad about their health. 

Don’t make it personal:

People tell you about your growing weight because they care for you in one way or another and they wish to tell you that you should stop getting overweight. Don’t take people's comments personally and start to think about things you can do to control your weight. Instead of negative thoughts start to think of a diet plan that can make your health improve and can feel good about yourself in the long run.

Controlling your actions:

Control your diet and make sure that you are not overeating or consume high caloric foods that will make you gain excess weight. Eating oil food or junk food in the case of overweight will cause more weight in the body and this can be harmful to you. Hence the first thing is to control your diet. Then there are many ways in which you can cut off the excess weight. We have mentioned some below:

Cope with your growing weight and get rid of the excess weight:

Coping up with your weight is very important if you wish to stay safe. There are several ways in which you can do this and we have mentioned some below.

Caloric deficit by Dieting:

The most commonly followed way of reducing weight. By keeping a track of the food that you have eaten and eating less than required, the person causes the body to burn the stored fat. Keeping your body in a state of caloric deficit in which you burn calories more than you consume and keep that in track will certainly bring your weight to a reasonable level.

Physical exercise:

BY exercising, the body will require more energy. The excess energy will be supplied by the burning of the fat and this will help the person to lose the fat. This will cause the person to get slim and become healthy.



Yoga is another way which is becoming popular day by day. It involves various asanas or position. The person enacts these asanas or positions and this helps them to lose weight.

You deserve to be healthy:
There are many reasons why overweight is bad and why you should not let too much fat get deposited in your body. It has all types of effects and it can cause various problems. The level of the problem can range from harmless to life-threatening. Let us have a look at the disadvantages of weight gain in the body.

 Weight gain is caused when the body stores excess fat. Fat is a latent source of energy and so the body stores it if it feels the need to get energy.
This is when you start getting fat or you become overweight. The fat in the body gets deposited in various places. It can be stored in the stomach area, chest area, hips area, thighs area, or shoulder area. This can make your appearance dull and this is the main reason why you are getting all those bad compliments.


You can start a diet routine and follow a a simple plan that can bring your weight to a good level always remember that weare not celebrities that have all those perfect bodies that they present on screen majority of people in the world are overweight or slight overweight this is a normal process that can be solved by choosing a weight loss plan and

what to say to someone struggling to lose weight?


6 things that you can say to a person that will motivate them
For people who are losing weight, saying these things every time you meet them will help to make their day and will prevent them from getting depressed overweight loss problem. 

  1. “You are looking great!!”
  2. “Looks like you are working a lot.”
  3. “Want to meet up or hang sometimes?”
  4. “What’s the secret to your fitness?”
  5. “You are looking too good.”
  6. “Let’s hang out, you pick the place.”

Why people become demotivated in the first place:
Every day there is someone who is looking to lose weight and is starting his or her journey towards health and fitness. There are different reasons for people that motivate them to look into their physique and start to lose weight some want to look good in front of their relatives, friends, partners, spouses, etc and some are losing due to medical conditions. But, as always anyone looking to start something struggles at first.

As a new hobby, it takes time for a person to adapt to a new lifestyle or diet and they don’t see any progress more importantly other people also see no progress and start to demotivate them. This happens quite a lot in young audiences such as teenagers who are bent on losing weight. They try dieting and other methods for a long time; however, they are unable to see see the results of their hard work.

Lacking in patience:
When these people do not see any progress in the mirror they start to become less interested in their health and take their fitness journey less seriously. All weight loss journey takes time. Our bodies adapt to the changes very slowly naturally and this is not as easy as it looks. People have to be consistent for 5 to 6 or more months to see any progress.
In your family, you know someone who is just like this. They have started their journey and then lose interest in their fitness goals.

Some of the ways will be discussed in this post that will enable you to motivate them.


What should you say to a person who is struggling with their weight?

1) Respect the feeling:

You know the person more than anyone so you will be able to make them happy and can be supportive of their feelings. You should not talk about weight issues in front of them in this way they can talk to you without feeling any inferior or a failure. People going to the gym and struggling with weight issues tend to overthink about weight-related comments or discussion So, you should better to divert their mind for a better reason.

2) Focus on other things:

In order to improve weight and fitness one should not only look for weight loss as a sign of change. There are other changes in the body also related to improving health like stamina, breathing, and heart rate. If you see improvements in these areas surely you will see results in the health and physique because change is slow and they will start to appear slow. But focusing on small and other changes can definitely be a motivating factor.

3) Have a supportive nature:

People should have a supportive nature with the people that are struggle while losing weight. They should be ready to assist them at any point in time and they should be careful with what they are dealing with. They must be there for them and should give them regular advice on how they can help to cope with their struggle. The point is that people should always motivate struggling people. This will give them the determination to not giving up at any time. One should support people all the time like a subtle compliment to the person who is struggling will do no bad to the person and the person would be able to get rid of the excess fat in their body easily by not giving up on their exercise or dieting.

4) Achievement celebration

There are many achievements that you can celebrate with the person who is struggling to lose weight. Even if they are losing half-pound or one pound, you should always cheer them up and must tell them that they can go on. This will give them the strength to continue their exercise or diet and this will help them to lose weight. This will give them all the strength they need and they will be able to lose weight eventually. Celebrating weight loss with the person who is struggling to lose weight is the best thing that you can do to keep them motivated and up for dieting or exercising.

5) Be Attentive:

Fitness lover needs attention that's why they started their fitness journey in the first place. If you can be attentive towards their passion and start to give them a little attention they will not only feel appreciated but motivated toward life in general. You can listen to all of their problems and tell them everything that you can think of. Conversing with them will help them to stay motivated all the time.
Talking about their problem keeps the people guilt-free and a guilt-free person will have less trouble when they will lose weight. So, make sure you always listen to the people who are suffering from weight loss problems. No matter what the time is, try to be available for them always.

The most important thing to keep in mind is not be rude with them or force them in diet or exercise. If a person is feeling unmotivated due to any other reason they are struggling in their lives simply listening and understanding their problems or situation can help them. They might feel less interested in fitness and then after a few days or taking time off will bring them back to their routine.

Any new routine will be harder to follow at first and there will be road bumps along the way but the key is to get back to the track as soon as possible.

How to Make Mulberry Leaf Tea?


how to make an effective tea from fresh mulberry leaves? there is no need to worry. You can make mulberry tea and it involves a few simple steps.

Steps to Make Mulberry Leaf Tea?

  1. The first thing you need is disease-free and mature mulberry leaves. In case you are harvesting them, only focus on the healthy and mature leaves.
  2. After this, clean and rinse the leaves using clean running water to get rid of any impurities of dirty.
  3. Then, get the number of leaves you ill need and cut them evenly. 3cm wide can be enough.
  4. After this, boil a given amount of water in your pan and immerse the mulberry leaves. Give them five minutes to simmer.
  5. You will notice the color of water turning to light green. The leaves will take a brown color. Your tea is ready now. You can filter to remove the leaves and take your cup. 

How Much Mulberry Tea Can You Drink
Although mulberry tea has various health benefits, you do not have to take it in excess. 2 – 6 cups per day can be enough in your health habit routine. You can start with about 2 cups per day and gradually increase your consumption. Within two weeks you can start taking 6 cups of mulberry leaf tea. For general health purposes, taking 10 grams of white mulberry tea will be enough. When dealing with conditions related to blood sugar, you may take up to 16 grams. The amount of mulberry tea to take may vary from person to person. For this reason, start slow and adjust slowly while observing your body's reaction. The best thing hear is taking advice from your practitioner when drinking mulberry tea for therapeutic reasons.


Mostly Found locations of mulberry tress:
The mulberry tree grows in some Asian countries like Thailand, China, and Korea. You can enjoy several health benefits from this plan. People in the ancient Chinese have been using its leaves as a medicine for treating various health problems.
 In this modern world, researches have devoted time to ascertain the benefits of mulberry leaves as concerned with health. The research carried out concluded that drinking tea from fresh mulberry leaves is vital to health and wellness.

Antioxidants properties:
Mulberry leaves contain a significant quantity of antioxidants including ascorbic acid and beta-carotene. Failure to inhibit them can lead to extensive damage to the cells. These leaves can help you with the potential of eliminating various serious health concerns including cancer.

Blood sugar levels:
Taking mulberry leaf tea also helps in healing type 2 diabetes resulted in extreme levels of blood sugar. The leaves of the mulberry tree have high garlic acid concentration. This acid lowers the level of glucose content in your blood. Moreover, there is a natural compound known as I-deoxnojimycine which contains anti-diabetic properties as well.

Inflammation conditions:
Do you have any inflammation conditions? Mulberry tea has got you covered. The leaves from this tree guarantee promising results with its anti-inflammatory characteristics. From long ago, individuals have cured their chronic ailments related to inflammation using this leaf. It performs the healing by acting as an inhibitor preventing the buildup of inflammatory agents. You can use a mulberry tree in dealing with uncountable ailments. You will no longer have to worry about cholesterol levels in your bloodstream. With all this, you cannot deny the fact that mulberry tea is the number one beverage in promoting health.

The difference between making your tea 
and purchasing from the market:


The debate between loose leaves and those from the market (tea bag) is a hot one. This because each has its pros and cons. However, making your tea has more advantages compared to buying from the market.
The first thing is that by making your tea at home you can enjoy the unique and real tea experience. Although many manufacturers claim that their packed tea is original, some contain some fillers aimed for preservation. Although the added content might not be harmful, they deny the original taste of tea. Here are some of the differences you can get from making your tea and not purchasing from the supermarkets.

Enjoy the quality
Home tea has more quality compared to the one you buy. Maybe you love the ease of using tea bags since it means quicker cup in the morning. However, you might not be getting the required tea quality. Producing tea bags means chopping the tea leaves into smaller particles. With this, the tea comes into contact with oxygen and moisture affecting its quality. A whole tea leaf has natural compounds like polyphenols and antioxidants and other essential oils. This is what gives your tea the amazing taste and flavor. Breaking the leaves makes these compounds evaporate leaving you with a tasteless drink.

Real health advantages
Making your tea leaves means taking the entire content. These are powerful antioxidants and other nutrients that are essential for your health. As we agreed earlier, there is a lot you gain from taking tea. You will not be concerned with conditions such as blood sugar levels. Tea from the market may have some impurities such as dust and fanning. These affect the quality of the tea and you will not get the expected health benefits. Keep in mind that a larger leafy surface means many nutrients. You will get health-boosting chemicals from making your tea.

Enjoy the true nature-based diet
If you are interested in enjoying your natural diet, you will have to start making your tea leaves and forget those from the market. Processed tea loses the natural characteristics and aroma. If you can open a tea bag, you might be surprised to find some debris that seems not to be related to tea. With this, you will not enjoy the original benefits of tea leaves.

Mulberry leaf tea has several benefits in leading healthy habits. From its anti-inflammatory nature and regulating blood sugar, there is a need to try it. Making your mulberry cup of tea is simple and will take you a few minutes. Enjoy the original flavors and taste by making your mulberry tea at home. 

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